Welcome to the our website with all about our breed of the beautiful dog the Austrian Pinscher.

The Austrian Pinscher is a dog breed threatened with extinction.

It is a dog in medium in size. The range from 42 and 50 cm in height up to 15 kg in weight.

They are available in several colors (black and gold, red, brown and fawn – with or without white markings on the muzzle, forehead, chest, neck, abdomen, paws, tail).

The coat is short to medium lenght and has a dense under coat, which protects against variantions in temperature.

The Austrian Pinscher is alert, loyal, stubborn, docile and intelligent. It is suspicious of strangers and loves his family members. It never runs of, but remains close to the the home. The Austrian Pinscher is robust and vital. It has no breed specific diseases.

To us it is important to make these magnificent dogs known internationally and to inspire people to take an interest in the breed. Therefore, we are often on the “Austrian Pinscher charm tour”!

Many go to the dogs exhibitions to look at the different breeds before buying a dog. But if there is no Austrian Pinscher represented, how should you get to know about the breed?

So we try to get the Austrian Pinscher out of its shadowy existence and hope to generate interest in these dogs.

For this purpose, we visit dog shows throughout Europe. From north, south, west, east.
Several times a year we bring even our own dogs.

We have two main offices (Denmark and France), between which we shift. And if we do not easily reach the dog shows from there, our Austrian Pinscher stay with us at the hotel.

At the shows, our dogs are very often the only Austrian Pinscher. For many judges the meeting with our dogs is the first time they see an Austrian Pinscher !!!

Those who want to see the true beauty of a dog, have look into its eyes! We move often in “a space of beauty mania”, but the original Austrian Pinscher is a diverse race, and we are strongly opposed against breeding the Austrian Pinscher in the direction of a certain look – especially one that is too “nice”. In our view it is not the Austrian Pinscher.

On a good Austrian Pinscher you will always find the right eyes, head shape, movements and proportions and these is the true parameters of the beauty of the Austrian Pinscher, not the coat color or the like.

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Regitze and Benny Rastemand